The main features of our project management software Rukovoditel Open-source project management software Rukovoditel is designed to be installed on your own local server or online server with support PHP / MySQL. Rukovoditel - Free Project Management Software

Rukovoditel Standard Features

In Standard Part of Rukovoditel you will find tools for designing and configuring your application.

Start using the Rukovoditel and you will be able to:

  1. Create your own application
  2. Customize reports you need
  3. Configure user access rights in the system
  4. Get notified on the status of tasks

Extend your application

The system allows you to extend the application by adding new entities.

Create the necessary fields

For each entity, you can add fields with different types.

Configure view

You can customize the view of the form and a list of items

Use Comments

Comments are used if necessary to keep a history of changes

Create Reports

With reports, you can filter the data by any field.

Configure Access

You have the ability to configure access to each entity, fields and comments.

Data Export

The system will allow to export data to Excel / PDF format.

Data Import

You have the ability to import data from Excel file

Users Notification

Assigned users will be notified when new record created

Easily search and filters

In Rukovoditel, you can search Records by any Text field.

Related records

You have the ability to link records between different entities


Rukovoditel supports multilingual.


Rukovoditel offers several color schemes.